Scrapbook Yard Sale

It's time to organize!  Do you find yourself wondering what you're going to do with all that stuff you'll never use?  Maybe you've used it a couple times and you're done with it.  We have the solution for you...  Sell it at our Scrapbook Yard Sale!

Call to sign up as a seller at the yard sale.  You'll be assigned a code to use on your price tags - that's right, you price it at whatever you want.  We will collect a $5 registration fee when you sign up for your letter (see details below about cancellations).  On the sale day, we'll be here at 11am for sellers (only) to set up your sale items in designated areas.  You don't even have to stay to sell them!  We'll have staff on hand running the yard sale.  After the sale is complete, you will receive store credit for the amount of all the items you sold during the sale.  We will limit the number of sellers to ensure a smooth set-up and organized sale, so please sign up only if you're sure, and do so early to reserve your spot.  If you have any items left over after the sale, you can pick them up afterward, or leave them for us donate them to a local organization (school, hospital, etc.) who can benefit from them.  Here are the details...

Monday, 2/9/15
10am            Registration opens - you can call the store to reserve a seller spot.  Sellers will pay the $5 registration fee when signing up for their spot.

Sunday, 2/22/15
11am-12pm   Seller set up
12-4pm         Yard sale open for shopping
4-6pm           Sellers to pick up any remaining merchandise (must be picked up by Mon 2/23 at 2pm to avoid a $3 clean-up/storage fee)

Tuesday, 2/24/15
Store gift cards will be available to all sellers who participated and sold items in the sale.  Gift cards must be used within five years of issue date.  Other than that, you can use it on whatever you like!  Shop 'till you drop!

The fine print...
Scrappy Chic is not responsible for items lost or stolen during the sale, however we do our best to deter theft.  To minimize loss, please make sure all of your items are packaged and labeled well.  We often see price tags fall off, and have to make judgment calls on whether or not to sell an item.  We will not make adjustments after an item has sold.  Please make sure yours are secure and items that go together are secured together (we recommend using a Sharpie/Slick Writer directly on a bag, a strong adhesive label, or put your price tag inside the package) and has no chance of falling off.  Please avoid bringing individual papers and sticker sheets, or any other items not in a package, as they tend to get damaged during the sale, as well as extend the time at checkout.  We ask that you group products together in sealed bags or containers, clearly labeled with the contents (if not visible), legible seller code and price.  If you need to cancel your seller spot in the sale, you must do so at least one week in advance to receive a store credit for your registration fee.  Registration fee is not refundable if cancellation is made within a week of the sale.

As a courtesy to other shoppers, please do not bring in purses, or other items with personal belongings in them.  You may bring an empty tote bag or box with which to shop, though.

Please note: We cannot guarantee specific seller codes.  After having so many sales, we have many customers who have used the same codes as other sellers.  With this, sellers will be assigned a code based on availability, and may or may not have the same code they have used previously.  We appreciate your understanding.